Onion prices exceed Rs300 per kg in Pakistan

Onion prices exceed Rs300 per kg in Pakistan

Pakistan's major cities are witnessing variable prices of the commodity.
Onion prices exceed Rs300 per kg in Pakistan

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21 Jan 2024

The surge in onion prices persists across Pakistan, with the cost per kilogram now surpassing Rs300.

Price variations are evident across different cities, with Islamabad leading at Rs320 per kilogram, followed by Rs310 in Rawalpindi, Rs280 in Peshawar, and Rs270 in Sialkot. Karachi, Lahore, and Gujranwala experience a slightly lower rate, reaching up to Rs240 per kilogram. In Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, and Bahawalpur, onions are being sold at Rs220 per kilogram.

Quetta, Sukkur, and Larkana maintain a stable price at Rs220 per kilogram, while Khuzdar stands at Rs250. Hyderabad and Bannu witness the lowest rates at Rs200 per kilogram.

The escalating prices raise concerns about the affordability and accessibility of onions, a staple in many households.

The fluctuating costs reflect regional disparities, impacting consumers differently based on their location. As the onion prices continue to rise, there is a growing need for measures to stabilize and regulate the market to ensure equitable access to this essential commodity.

Residents across the nation are closely monitoring the situation, hoping for a resolution to ease the financial strain caused by the escalating onion prices.



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