ICJ orders Israel to take steps to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza

ICJ orders Israel to take steps to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza

The court emphasised, “the ruling creates international legal obligations for Israel.”
ICJ orders Israel to take steps to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza

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26 Jan 2024

The International Court of Justice on Friday has determined its jurisdiction to rule in the genocide case, rejecting Israel's request to dismiss the complaint regarding its war crimes in Gaza.

Judge Donoghue, delivering the decision, highlighted that “some allegations against Israel fall within the provisions of the Genocide Convention.”

It emphasised, “the ruling creates international legal obligations for Israel.”

Detailing the situation, the World Court stated, “Israel launched a large-scale military operation in Gaza by land, air and sea which has caused massive civilian casualties, extensive destruction of civilian infrastructure and the displacement of the overwhelming majority of Gaza’s population.” 

It added that the court is “acutely aware of the extent of the human tragedy unfolding in the region and is deeply concerned about the continuing loss of life and human suffering.”

The UN court said that Israel is required to permit humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

The decision was hailed as landmark by 'X' users, who noted that it would compel world powers aligned with Israel to reconsider their actions, given that the world court has signaled holding Israel accountable for its blatant human rights violations in the Gaza Strip.


Moreover, the court mandates that Israel must implement further measures to safeguard Palestinians, although it does not instruct an end to military operations in the Gaza Strip.

What are the provisional measures ordered by the court?

The provisional measures ordered by the court are as follows: 

1. Israel must take all measures to prevent any acts that could be considered genocidal - killing members of a group, causing bodily harm, inflicting conditions designed to bring about the destruction of a group, and preventing birth. 

2. Israel must ensure its military does not commit any genocidal acts. 

3. Israel must prevent and punish any public comments that could be considered incitement to commit genocide in Gaza.

4. Israel must take measures to ensure humanitarian access. 

5. Israel must prevent any destruction of evidence that could be used in a genocide case. 

6. Israel must submit a report to the court within one month of this order being given

On December 29, South Africa lodged an 84-page legal complaint with the ICJ, accusing Israel of violating the 1984 Genocide Convention during its nearly four-month bombardment of Gaza, which has killed 26,000 Gazans. Israel rejected these allegations of genocide, describing them as "grossly distorted" and labelling them as a "blood libel."

On January 11 and 12, the ICJ held hearings where South Africa presented its case, followed by Israel defending its actions.



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