Over 9,000 sims of non-filers blocked by telcos

Over 9,000 sims of non-filers blocked by telcos

Sims were blocked on the directions of the FBR
Over 9,000 sims of non-filers blocked by telcos

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23 May 2024

The telecommunication companies have blocked over 9,000 mobile phone sims of non-filers across the country.

The sims were blocked on the directions of the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), however, a spokesperson of the tax body attributed the action to parliament’s decision.

“The decision has been taken by the parliament, therefore, the government’s decision should be implemented in any case,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, officials of the bureau and telecommunication companies met on Wednesday, where the bureau provided them a list of non-filers, and ordered them to block sims of tax evaders.

Earlier, the FBR had begun physical inspection of telecommunication companies and imposed fines on some for their non-cooperative behaviour.

The inspection orders were issued under section 175 of the tax ordinance by the commissioner of Inland Revenue Zone 4.

On Wednesday, the FBR inspected an office of a telecommunication company in Islamabad’s blue area, where they were provided a compliance report of blocking sims.

According to officials, the FBR officer had asked the principal officers of three telecom companies to submit the report by May 21. The fourth telecom company has obtained a stay order from the court.

Meanwhile, sources said that the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority distanced itself from the matter of SIM blocking, saying, it does not have access to block sims.



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