Parking mafia out of control in Murree

Parking mafia out of control in Murree

A tourist family hailing from Multan complained about the parking mafia.
Parking mafia out of control in Murree

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1 Feb 2024

The parking mafia in Murree has again become active with the snowfall in the valley. A video going viral on social media shows a man, hailing from Multan, complaining about the behaviour of the parking mafia.

"They charged Rs1,800 for a night parking under the covered area, but left the vehicle on the road," a man can be heard complaining. 

The man said it is an injustice and he would complain to the DC office and police.


The tourists are visiting northern areas of the country after the snowfall of the winter season.

In Murree, the temperature dropped to 1°C below freezing, and the relative humidity during the morning was recorded at 92%. Tourists flocked to Malika-e-Kohsar and Galyat to witness the heavy snowfall of the winter season. However, the massive influx of tourists caused a traffic mess in Murree and on the roads leading to Galyat.

Unfortunately, tourists complained about the high prices of commodities and the improper attitudes of shopkeepers and restaurant employees.


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