Anchor Ashfaq Satti suspended over allegations of domestic violence

Anchor Ashfaq Satti suspended over allegations of domestic violence

Ashfaq Satti's wife accused him of domestic violence.
Anchor Ashfaq Satti suspended over allegations of domestic violence

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29 Jan 2024

Taking notice of the allegations of domestic violence, ARY News Management has suspended anchor Ashfaq Satti with immediate effect. 

The announcement was made from ARY News' official X account.

"The ARY Management has taken serious notice on the allegations of domestic violence involving anchorperson Ashfaq Satti. He is hereby suspended with immediate effect till the law takes its course and decides the matter. ARY has zero tolerance policy on violence or threats of violence be it at the workplace or domestic," the post read.

Taking to Instagram, Ashaq Satti's wife shared distressing images of her bruised face, detailing the harrowing experience in the caption.

She stated, “I write this while suffering from multiple injuries on my entire body, my ribs, my jaw & my face. Every part of me is badly injured. I’ve been beaten almost to death by my own husband sattiashfaque.”

Nomaika explained that on Monday, January 22, Ashfaq Satti picked her up from her mother's house and subjected her to severe physical assault. During the ordeal, he engaged in character assassination and attempted to strangle her in the presence of his family. 

Nomaika added that her husband constantly issued death threats, took their son away despite her pleas for mercy in front of his mother, all to no avail.

“He beat me for hours and then locked me in my room. He took away my son ( 1.5 years old).

He left me in the dark room badly injured without food and water while I continuously begged for help.I begged for mercy. I begged him & his mother several times. She was also there at home while all of it was happening to me. I was there for days without water & food. Peeing/Vomiting profusely in pain,” she continued. 


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