Over 10 children subjected to abuse daily in Pakistan during 2023

Over 10 children subjected to abuse daily in Pakistan during 2023

More boys than girls were reported to have suffered abuse.
Over 10 children subjected to abuse daily in Pakistan during 2023

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1 Mar 2024

A non-profit organisation (NGO), Sahil, working for child protection, revealed with the support of the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) on Thursday, that at least 4,213 children suffered abuse in Pakistan in the previous year 2023.

According to the report titled ‘Cruel Numbers 2023', 11 children were abused per day in Pakistan every day during the past year.

The data of 2,213 cases of child sexual abuse, abductions, missing children, and child marriages was gathered from four provinces, including Islamabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), and Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

More boys than girls, under the age of 6 to 15 years, were reported to have suffered abuse primarily by their close family members, while children aged 0 to 5, also faced sexual abuse. 

Out of the total reported child abuse cases, 53% involved girls with 2,251 cases, and 47% involved boys with 1,962 cases, as per the gender divide analysis of the data.

As per the geographic distribution of the cases, 75% reported cases originated from Punjab, 13% cases from Sindh , 7% from Islamabad, 3% from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and 2% from Balochistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan combined.

In its 2023 report, Sahil documented 2,184 cases of injuries and deaths involving children under 18. Drowning was the most prevalent cause with 694 cases, followed by 401 cases of accident and 286 cases of murder.

Other incidents included 121 cases of torture, 111 cases of injuries, 110 cases of suicide, and 103 cases of electric shock.

Highlighting the positive role of the cops, Sahil's report stated that 91% of reported cases were registered with the police.

Sahil compiled the 'Cruel Numbers 2023' report through the daily analysis of 81 newspapers across Pakistan. The report aims to provide data on child violence and gives insights into the cases of child sexual abuse in the country.



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