"Pakistan will always be my first love" Khadija Shah makes a resilient comeback post-incarceration

"Pakistan will always be my first love" Khadija Shah makes a resilient comeback post-incarceration

She shared a heartfelt post on Instagram
"Pakistan will always be my first love" Khadija Shah makes a resilient comeback post-incarceration

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1 Feb 2024

Renowned designer Khadija Shah has reclaimed leadership of her fashion business after securing bail and spending months of incarceration due to her alleged involvement in the May 9 violence.

Taking to Instagram, Khadija Shah expressed her renewed enthusiasm to steer her fashion enterprise, emphasising her unwavering commitment to serving Pakistan. 

She shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, accompanied by a detailed caption, expressing her eagerness to embark on a new chapter of creativity in her work.

“I am eternally grateful to our Pakistani followers for their unmitigated support and love. I believe it was the power of your collective prayers that brought me home, and I am certain of that,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

The fashion designer furthered on, “Now, I am back with more zeal, passion, and creativity than ever before. I am thrilled to assume my position at the helm of Elan and Zaha. Together, we are poised to write a new chapter of rejuvenation, creativity, and cutting-edge ideas and design.”

Khadija pledged her continued efforts to “make Pakistan proud,”

“Pakistan has always been, and always will be, my first and foremost love. I am committed to continuing to serve and strive for my country and its people. My goal has always been to make Pakistan proud through my endeavours, and I am determined to carry on that journey. With your ongoing support and blessings, inshallah, we will achieve great things and produce our best work yet.” she concluded. 

Khadija Shah, the granddaughter of former army chief Asif Nawaz Janjua, was arrested by the law enforcement agencies for her alleged involvement in the May 9 riots, which were erupted by the arrest of Imran Khan in a graft case.

The Gulberg police filed a case against several PTI leaders and workers, accusing them of attacking and setting fire to Askari Tower at Liberty Roundabout.

Khadija Shah surrendered to Punjab Police in connection with incidents involving attacks on the Lahore Corps Commander's house, Askari Tower and the burning of police vehicles near Rahat Bakery in the cantonment area.

On November 15, an anti-terrorism court approved her bail in the final case related to the May 9 riots. 

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had apprehended her in a cybercrime case for disseminating social media messages inciting people against the army during the May 9 violence. 

Khadija Shah was granted bail on December 28, 2023, by an anti-terrorism court in Quetta.



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