Chahat Fateh Ali Khan releases "Bado Badi 2"

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan releases "Bado Badi 2"

The social media sensation released the song on Instagram not on YouTube this time after copy right claim.
Chahat Fateh Ali Khan releases "Bado Badi 2"

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18 Jun 2024

LONDON: British-Pakistani viral sensation Chahat Fateh Ali Khan has released "Bado Badi 2," the second rendition of his popular song on Eidul Adha, but he has chosen not to upload the song on YouTube.

Chahat talking to a media outlet said he decided against using YouTube to avoid further issues after the original "Bado Badi" hit version was deleted by YouTube, despite garnering nearly 30 million views.

The new version features an unidentified model, replacing Wajdan Rao from the original video. Wajdan Rao had a fallout with Chahat, accusing him of paying her only Rs5,000 for her work.

"Bado Badi 2" has been released on Chahat’s official Facebook, X, and Instagram accounts.

Chahat announced that he plans to release a series of "Bado Badi" versions.

"After 'Bado Badi 2,' I will be releasing 'Bado Badi 3,' 'Bado Badi 4,' 'Bado Badi 5,' and so on. I will not be releasing these on YouTube because there are jealous people out there who want my channel not to grow," he stated.

He also mentioned engaging lawyers to negotiate with YouTube to restore the original viral video.


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