Didn't charge a single penny for ISPR's Sinf-e-Ahaan song: Asim Azhar

Didn't charge a single penny for ISPR's Sinf-e-Ahaan song: Asim Azhar

He said, “I don’t do agenda based art”
Didn't charge a single penny for ISPR's Sinf-e-Ahaan song: Asim Azhar



3 Feb 2024

Acclaimed singer Asim Azhar revealed that he did not charge any fee for singing the original soundtrack (OST) of a patriotic drama, Sinf e Aahan, produced by the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Taking to ‘X’, Asim Azhar responded to a critic who questioned why he sang a song for the Pakistan Army, given his recent alleged criticism of the establishment.

The day before, the ‘Dard’ vocalist shared cryptic posts on 'X' apparently in support of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for the upcoming polls, seemingly aiming to encourage voting for the party.

In another post, he playfully shared bat emojis and quipped, "What if even these emojis get banned?"

Asim's cryptic post appeared to criticise the Supreme Court of Pakistan's ban on the PTI's 'bat symbol', following the party's failure to hold intra-party elections.

As a result of the ruling, PTI’s ticket holders are participating in the elections as independent candidates.

Social media user and a Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) supporter, Saad Kaiser, while sharing a picture of Asim's song sung for ISPR, challenged him, asking why he criticises indirectly instead of naming specific individuals.

“How about you ask them to ban the songs you sang for ISPR as well? We used to name General Dishonest Faiz when he was intervening in Politics while backing Imran Khan, are you afraid to name someone? Come on inqalabi bhai [comrade], don’t be scared, aisay kaisay tabdeeli ayegi super star (How can you bring change like that?]”


In response, the ‘Chand Mahiya’ singer stated, “Did not charge a single penny for the ISPR anthem/song.”

He maintained that he will keep singing hundreds more songs that celebrate positive aspects of his country, like Sinf-e-Aahan, which empowered women.

The crooner also cited a saying attributed to Hazrat Ali, 'Look not at the speaker, but at what is spoken.”

“I don’t do agenda based art. So don’t try & make my art into that. Thank you,” he concluded. 



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