Can diabetes be cured in 90 minutes?

Can diabetes be cured in 90 minutes?

Relying on unverified remedies without a proper understanding of their potential side effects can pose serious risks to one's well-being.
Can diabetes be cured in 90 minutes?

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23 Dec 2023

A surge in online videos claiming a miraculous cure for diseases within a brief timeframe has always caught viewers' attention on social media platforms.

These videos suggest a rapid solution to eliminating diabetes, blood pressure, and other severe health issues, promising a quick fix to a condition that usually requires careful management and medical supervision.

Relying on unverified remedies without a proper understanding of their potential side effects can pose serious risks to one's well-being.

A recent online video claiming a cure for diabetes within a brief 90-minute timeframe has caught viewers' attention.

The video shows a doctor promising a 90-minute quick solution to the disease in an interview to a TV channel.

The doctor states, “Metabolic surgery, also known as laparoscopic surgery for type 2 diabetes, has now gained global recognition. This procedure involves a small keyhole surgery to address factors like central obesity and incretin hormones hindering insulin function. This revolutionary approach, which existed for over two decades, started around 18 to 20 years ago. Widely accepted in countries like America, India, and Turkey, it officially began in Pakistan two years ago. Originally derived from obesity surgery, it underwent thorough research stages before practical implementation.”

“It is relatively safe, the surgery involves small cuts, causing minimal pain. Patients typically recover within two days. The process takes around 90 minutes. I, trained from Boston, America, have successfully operated on 250 patients. A couple previously relying on 110 units of insulin underwent metabolic surgery, reaching a stable level of 4 within a month,” he added.

Besides surgery, the doctor suggested managing sugar involves lifestyle changes like eating less, prioritizing sleep, avoiding sugary drinks, and engaging in regular exercise.

Reacting to the video, the Diabetes Center, an Islamabad-based non-government organisation, clarified that, “sensational thumbnails and videos aim for attention rather than providing accurate information, and both the anchor and the guest are just trying to create sensation about something that is not unique.

Explaining bariatric surgery, it emphasized the importance of understanding the process beyond mere sensationalism saying bariatric surgery involves reducing food intake by modifying the digestive system, resulting in significant weight loss with positive effects on both appearance and health.

The surgery's impact on type 2 diabetes lies in weight loss improving insulin utilisation, and thereby controlling blood sugar levels. It's not a universal solution and is recommended only for specific cases with a BMI over 35, health issues due to weight, and psychological understanding of the operation. Stressing the need for professional advice, the organisation called for individuals to consult their doctor before deciding on bariatric surgery.

Key points include the surgery's risks, the necessity of a lifelong special diet and lifestyle post-operation, and the importance of doctor recommendations in making informed decisions.


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