Here's how you can stop hair fall

Here's how you can stop hair fall

A gentle massage of oil can be done twice a week
Here's how you can stop hair fall



4 Dec 2023

A well-known dermatologist Dr. Ghulam Abbas Shah recently addressed growing concerns about increasing hair fall and shared his expert insights.

In a recent interview, he shone light on the increasing number of patients seeking help for various hair conditions. He highlighted issues such as itchy scalp, intense hair fall during the monsoon season, a rising prevalence of baldness, particularly in individuals as young as their early 20s, and dandruff.

He expressed concern about the changing landscape of hair health, noting a shift from baldness appearing in the late 30s and 40s to its occurrence as early as the 20s. He attributed this trend to factors like excessive junk food consumption, steroid use, and autoimmune diseases.

Emphasising the importance of using minimal chemical products, Dr Shah recommended opting for natural alternatives over popular but chemically laden brands. He suggested Vitamin E or baby shampoos for those unsure of their skin and scalp type.

While acknowledging the benefits of occasional oiling, Dr. Shah cautioned against harsh scalp massages. Exploring the causes of hair loss, he identified genetic factors, diet, environment, stress, and sleep as contributing elements. He detailed modern remedies, including the popular Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) procedure, microneedling, phototherapy, and the use of essential vitamins.

He also suggested getting natural remedies as well, like egg and yogurt massage. Addressing pregnancy-related hair loss, Dr. Ghulam Abbas stated that hormonal changes in women's bodies can be a significant factor.

Moreover, Dr. Ghulam’s other concern about hair care is dandruff, it may get severe with not enough care and may lead to Seborrheic Dermatitis, which can be treated through oral antifungal medication in extreme cases.


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