Fog disrupts 516 flights in 19 days in Pakistan

Fog disrupts 516 flights in 19 days in Pakistan

Passengers are advised to confirm their flights due to disruption of schedule.
Fog disrupts 516 flights in 19 days in Pakistan



21 Jan 2024

Dense fog continues to blanket Pakistan, disrupting air travel and causing widespread inconvenience for passengers.

A total number of canceled flights in the first 19 days of the year reached 516, highlighting the severity of the ongoing weather situation.

Flights to Dubai, Multan, Dammam, Kuwait City, and Karachi were all shifted to Islamabad, while several other routes, including Sialkot-Sharjah, Sialkot-Doha, Lahore-Karachi, Lahore-Sharjah, Lahore-Jeddah, Islamabad-Karachi, Multan-Jeddah-Dubai, Karachi-Dammam-Muscat, and Jeddah-Multan-Gwadar, were canceled altogether.

The ongoing fog disruptions have left many passengers stranded and frustrated. Social media is abuzz with complaints about canceled flights, missed connections, and long delays. Some passengers have reported being stuck at airports for hours on end, with little to no information from airlines about when their flights might resume.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has warned that the fog is likely to persist in the coming days, raising concerns about further flight disruptions. 

Passengers have been advised to check with their airlines for the latest updates and to allow extra time for travel during this period.


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