WATCH: Elephant attacks man in India

WATCH: Elephant attacks man in India

The wild animal attacked a man in Karnataka.
WATCH: Elephant attacks man in India

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1 Feb 2024

In a bizzare incident, a man sustained injuries in an elephant attack in Karnataka, India.

The incident took place on the Bandipur Wayanad National Highway on Thursday.

The incident occurred as the man and others were standing by the roadside when the elephant approached from behind. The episode was captured on a passing tourist's mobile phone.

The group was returning from Karnataka, traveling through the Bandipur Forest on the  National Highway.

Elephant attacks are much more frequent in areas where elephants and humans interact regularly, which is becoming increasingly common due to habitat loss. 

his human-elephant conflict worsens as humans develop more of the elephants' forest homes, forcing them into closer proximity to us.

This is also being worsened by climate change, which results in further loss of the elephants' habitats and water sources, meaning that the creatures venture into human areas in search of sustenance.


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