Woman scams 70 brides by reselling designer dresses online

Woman scams 70 brides by reselling designer dresses online

At this stage of the investigation, the detective alleged that more than $110,000 of detriment had been caused to the victims.
Woman scams 70 brides by reselling designer dresses online

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22 Jan 2024

A 53-year-old woman from Queensland, Australia, found herself facing fraud charges for allegedly deceiving brides.

Her purported scheme involved reselling their designer dresses online while masquerading as a dry-cleaning business.

The investigation unfolded over six months after a Cairns bride, who had sent her custom-made dress for cleaning in September 2022, discovered someone else wearing the same gown on social media. This prompted her to report the incident in July 2023, leading to a broader inquiry.

After launching the investigation, law enforcement informed a private news channel that revealed that 69 more brides stepped forward with similar stories spanning from January 2019 to July 2023. 

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Matt Hogan emphasized the collaborative efforts with the 70 victims and encouraged others to share their experiences.

"There may be more victims yet to contact police," he told the outlet. "If you have any information about suspected fraudulent businesses, please report it to Policelink."

According to the foreign newspaper, the operation, codenamed Operation Victor Rickenbacker, involved executing search warrants in properties across Edmonton, Cairns North, and Smithfield which resulted in the alleged seizure of electronic devices, documents, and replica wedding gowns.

The woman is scheduled to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court on January 30.

Detective Owen Rodgers stated, "At this stage of the investigation we are alleging that more than $110,000 of detriment has been caused to the victims."



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