The most dreaded year 2020 is almost coming to its end, like every year google has released its most searched trend list. Google trend’s list helps us to analyze the year’s controversies, achievements and memorable events. Some unpredictable names are there as always.

Lets have a look at what Pakistan’s public was searching for this year mostly.

The most talked about Turkish series, Ertugrul’s lead actress was the 9th most searched person on the list. Esra has definitely won Pakistani audience’s heart as she can be seen in most eminent works of our entertainment industry.

Marvi sarmad , was on the top of the list as she was the part of the most debatable conversation of the year with writer Khalil ur rehman.

US-elections were an important world wide affair initially the candidate for elections and now US president Joe Biden has also graced the list.

Wedding of Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir garnered massive people’s attention and thus, made their way to Google’s most searched list.

Other than that Asim Azhar, Hareem Shah, Alizey Shah, Minahil Malik and Uzma Khan were on the top 10 google trends .