Baghdad: 4 protesters killed by tear gas grenade


BAGHDAD: Thousands of people mostly young men have been protesting in different parts of the country against corruption, unemployment and poor public services. On Thursday, four protesters were killed by tear gas canister in Baghdad. 

According to medical sources, the protesters were hit near Tahrir (Liberation) Square, the epicentre of the weeks-long movement for sweeping political reform.

16 deaths had already been documented by the United Nations from the military-grade canisters, which are 10 tines heavier than the regular tear gas grenades.

Amnesty International found that demonstrators suffered “gruesome wounds and death after the grenades embed inside their heads.”

The recent incident occurred at the embattled government faced new pressure from the United Nations to enact reforms, including amendments in constitutions and electoral law changes.

More than 330 people have been killed since demonstration erupted in Baghdad and the Shiite-majority south on October 1.


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