Doctoring extremism and violence

The most challenging situation encompassing a violent society is coping with stress, extremism, extremists and violence. Sincere, serious, logical, efficient

A glorious model of human rights

The most beautiful model of salvaging and saving the physically weak and helpless overwhelming the most brutal example of physical

Leading from the front

Our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and rays of hope, we the teeming millions of Pakistan, our envisioned land of

Survival kit for a sinking society

Amid humility, with utmost respect and honestly speaking, when a society is bewitched by evils, blindfolded with ills and bamboozled

Panic soars as pandemic roars

Snags in covid information, caring and sharing loom large the world over across villages, towns, cities, countries and continents. We

A centurion of satire

Echoing, illuminating and enlightening hearts, minds and souls decade after decade for a century is Akbar Allahabadi, a poet of